here is a new item i added to my little shop! this one's extra exciting for me because it's the first time i'm in the photograph, modeling the knit itself. i'm very nervous about appearing in photographs, i'd prefer to be on the other side of the camera at all times.
anyway, me aside the design itself turned out just how i wanted it to, this was in charcoal because it's among my favorite colors to wear, but i'm offering the knit in any of 32 color choices for you. it'll be exciting to see what customers will choose!
you can see my cowl and all of its options here, in my etsy shop.
and another bit of news--i'm a little over 2 weeks in my 365 project, you can look at my progress on tumblr or in my flickr set.


  1. Very pretty photo! I love the design, I'm sure that you will have many potential buyers for it, especially because it looks so trendy! And you look gorgeous in this photo, no need to hide!

    1. thanks for the compliment ;;
      my first order might come around the wintertime..patiently waiting!


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