here's a new cowl design that i just couldn't wait to share. it's called condyle, named for the ends of bones, right where they meet with others. i love finding condyles while doing figurative drawing, and i love the idea of points of visual interest at the  edges of things. my hope is that i've achieved just that with the ribbed pattern at each end of this cowl.
i made it tall enough to pull up and warm your nose, but not so chunky that you feel smothered when wearing it.
you can see it here on bapsicrafts.


  1. Super Cute!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  2. I love the chunkiness of the cowl! I also love the name, wonderful work!

    1. thank you! i think this might be my favorite to wear. it's so warm!

  3. Just love this cowl, it looks lovely on!
    I agree about points of visual interest along the edges, just finishes off the design perfectly!


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