shop update

just finished and listed a new washcloth set! this one's a nice dark denim-like blue, and is one of my favorites so far. please click here to see it in my shop!
in other news, i just finished reading stephanie pearl-mcphee's knitting rules! i recommend it to anyone who enjoys knitting and wants to learn a bit more about it, it's got tips, little charts, patterns and all. definitely worth it as a book to refer to as time passes.


  1. You are off to such a great start with your shop! If I wasn't a knitter myself I probably wouldn't have been able to resist the washcloth set, the navy is beautiful!

    1. thank you!
      if you should decide to make your own washcloth i hope you don't go for a small gauge like i did. ;_; so..many..stitches.


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