hi jaymie

this was a very busy week for me, i spent a lot of time working on knits for my little shop. so this weekend i made the decision to knit just for me for a little while, take a sort of a break while my finished items slowly list themselves over the next two weeks!
so i took to my shelf and woke up a sleeping wip--the lovely jaymie pattern by faye newport. this is being knit with a gifted skein of red heart acrylic in bright red, a very tough colorway to photograph!
this cowl's actually a lot of fun to work on, i'd call it my first lace project since it requires that i pay attention and involves the use of yarn-overs--which defines lace in my book! not sure if that's a correct thought to have, haha.
i think this piece is going to be gifted when i'm done with it, but i'm not sure who the gift-ee will be just yet.


  1. Great idea to knit for yourself, you certainly deserve a beautiful cowl to cuddle into when it gets cooler outside. Are going going to make it with two colors like in the pattern page photo?

    1. i'm not quite sure yet--if i do add a second color it would have to be from the stash as well, which may limit my choices just a little bit.


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