behold, the amazing shrinking yarn stash! with the exception of stuff for my shop [those skeins are used up and sent away within the week],  i haven't made any personal yarn purchases in a long while. it's all been stashbusting and i'm proud to see the basket overflowing a lot less with each passing week!

have you been stashbusting too? have you had any little victories lately, or has your yarn basket grown? do tell!


  1. Congrats on the stashbusting! My stash grew by two skeins this week while I was on vacation.

  2. I am super impressed if that's your current personal stash. You are far more disciplined than I! Any plans for these mini skeins?

    1. it took a loooot of time to get it down to here, i owe it to the summer heat and lean wallet keeping me from going out and shop!

      i found a near-untouched skein of light tan acrylic, so the plan is to try a little series of colourwork hats!
      it might do these neglected little skeins another chance at being worn and loved. <3


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