on the needles

tonight i'm working on a sort-of but not-really stashbusting project, a ravenclaw cowl for my shop.
i wouldn't call it stashbusting if the yarn's already tied to a project, but the feeling of seeing one less skein in the basket is the same. it's a little project for me to take the yarn i've purchased for my harry potter cowls and knit them all up--both for the joy of emptying the basket and to offer them as a ready-to-ship item for the holidays.
the hope is that having them available to them as soon as i possibly can will help make shopping with me more enjoyable!


  1. Ah I love that feeling, knowing that there is just a little more room in the yarn drawer. I'm sure you will sell this one, it is going to be very pretty.

  2. It's always exciting to see the stash pile go down. Because it means there is room for new stash!


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