yarn-along ii

Not much has changed on the reading front but I have been finishing quite a bit for Bapsicrafts. I've been fortunate enough to receive a custom order from a customer who wanted a wip for the Endpaper Mitts finished. She provided her own beautiful yarn--the lighter pink a silk blend, and the stronger pink, a soft merino. This is easily the smaller gauge I've ever knit, which caused a few hand-cramps every now and then but the gorgeous colorwork makes for great encouragement to finish. As you might be able to see the second glove is nearly finished--soon I'll cast on the second pair in a gorgeous chocolate brown and silver for the same customer. :]
I was intimidated by Eunny Jang's pattern at first, but it's been very easy to follow, and little parts of the gloves [like the seam stitches and symmetrical repeat] have me admiring and learning from her as a knit designer. I've got my eye on her cabled socks as a nice gift project in the future.
Click-through the image for more information on this yarn-along,
and let me know if you decide to join!


  1. I like the yarn combination your customer chose. The mitts are looking really beautiful.

  2. Thanks--I like the combination too! Custom orders are always enjoyable for me, I find myself enjoying colors I normally wouldn't consider picking out or knitting for myself or friends.

  3. I love the mitts!...we liked the movie verion of Coraline...

    Have a lovely day!


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