goodbye february

This became a very honest and introspective month. You sucked, but thanks anyway, February.

It's been difficult to keep this blog updated, mostly because it's been difficult to put a lot of things into words. 
I've been knitting up some pieces with stash yarn for no specific event coming up this year. It's sort of a vague goal but I really want to sell locally at something like a farmer's market. The face-to-face might be a really great experience for me and my little shop. 
Next to that, just designing and knitting prototypes from sketches. 
Oh, and mountains of coursework from school. Oops.

find me on instagram as @bapsii.

1 comment:

  1. Yes! You should definitely sell at the farmer's market! People would absolutely love that and you would be tapping into a new market too. Don't worry about words, just seeing your beautiful photos is enough for me.


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