hermione's pumpkin jacquard socks

hermione's pumpkin jacquard socks

pattern : Hermione's Everyday Socks by Erica Lueder
yarn : Patons Stretch Socks Pumpkin Spice Jacquard
needle : US 1[2.25mm]
size : 9.5
These were a lot of fun to make, and I'm pretty proud of the outcome! As you might have read in previous posts I had mixed feelings about the texture not showing enough with the pattern but now that I look at this pair of socks, I don't think a plain stockinette or rib would have looked this good with the striping colorway going on in these skeins. The little bumps really help the scheme, now that I look at it!
hermione's pumpkin jacquard socks
The one issue I had with this yarn was its elasticity--it was a bit hard to make sure the first and last stitches on my dpns were snug enough, leaving my socks with these teeny tiny ladders, which haven't happened before in socks I've made so far. You may be able to find them along the very top of the foot in the photo below:
hermione's pumpkin jacquard socks
They might even out after a wash or two, so I'm not too worried. Other than that I really enjoyed using this yarn and might buy enough for another pair in a new color scheme.
Not sure if I'm going to cast on another personal project for a little while. I've got a small self-imposed queue of shop items to knit up, so that might be the knitting to occupy me over the next few days.
p.s. happy 100th post day!


  1. Congrats on the 100th post! I hope for 100 more. The socks do have a wonderful texture, the are very...I'm not sure which word I'm searching for, but they definitely have a unique feeling to them. Ladders are the bane of my existence, sometimes blocking can help. Good luck on the shop knitting!

    1. thank you!
      yeah, i learned now just how obnoxious a ladder can be in this project. x_x

  2. That's a great yarn/texture combination. I don't love self-striping for some reason, but the texture makes it look much cuter to me.


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