a socktober indeed

my angler's loop socks
I've made some slow but steady progress on my Angler's Loop Socks this month. Whenever I felt a little impatient I would try the finished sock on and admire the cabling, that's been enough to keep knitting for another 10 rounds or so.
Doing that didn't always work. At one point late one night I just needed some instant knitting gratification, so I did some digging in the queue and found John's Short Footies, a skein of about the right weight, and just got started.
my short footies
Between these two projects in progress, one semi-secret gift pair in the works, and a super ambitious piece casted on yesterday, I can say there's a lot to look forward to on the knitting front this month.

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  1. What a pretty blue! love those!

    ~Have a lovely day!


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