It's a real treat to be surprised with gifts in the mail! Earlier this year,  I received an adorable package from the wonderful Emma of the handmade shop TrinketsnTreats (which is on vacation currently, but do keep an eye on it, her work is precious!)

In this well-wrapped package was one of her lovingly handmade bat keychains, made with (if i recall correctly) a cruelty-free polyester felt, making the toy both vegan friendly and moth proof (such good news!) I also received The Craft Library's Knits for Fab Feet and Cosy Toes, a little book full of adorable sock patterns I can't wait to try. There's this one sock pattern with a little pocket you can place a hand-knit teddy bear in, god ugh that's too cute!!! The socks themselves seem to all be knit in a very fine gauge, so I'll have to finish a few wips before diving into these projects.
 Also! Just a few days ago I received a message from the lovely Triona of Triona Designs letting me know that I won her giveaway for the Knitpicks Bulky 2013 Collection pattern book! This is the first knitting-related giveaway I've won, so I was really excited!

The patterns inside area absolutely beautiful. I fell in love with the Maddie Hoodie the moment I laid eyes on it, and will definitely make one of my own soon.

Have you received any surprise gifts in the mail recently? Let's talk about it in the comment section!

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