fo: ribbed for bapsi

This little pair of socks is finally finished, and I can't stop wearing them!
yarn : James C. Brett Woodlander Double Knitting in L5
needle : US 3[3.25 mm]
size : 9.5 
I really really needed this project. It was a really nice transition from the monotony of my last few sock projects to my next-in-line, and also became a much-needed addition to the sock drawer. And it's so squishy!
The pattern called for about 275 yards of yarn but the plan was for size 10 feet, fortunately, mine are a bit smaller. I'm pretty glad to have this small amount of yarn left over for future repairs, or maybe even a fantastic scrap yarn project in the future. Or, more realistically, a ton of repairs in the much nearer future. Acrylic doesn't seem to be the best yarn for socks (Jason can attest for sure), but I have too much fun stashing the cute variegated yarn I find in LYS's! I'll make my next sock-stash addition a nylon-blend..or whatever it is that's most hard-wearing and easy-care around. Spring is really kicking into gear here, so it's green green green wherever we walk, as opposed to the shades of grey we had just a few months ago. I'm enjoying the fresh-air for sure, even if it's pollen-city whenever I leave the house (not the most fun). It's ridiculous how wet the weather is here compared to socal. It rains once, and every plant is a foot taller. Here's to temperate climates and precipitation!


  1. I love the socks, Britney! That colourway is really pretty.

  2. Everything here seems to have turned green in just a week or here too! Your new socks are lovely against the new green grass. I find that the hardest-wearing and easiest-care sock yarn tends to be an 80/20 wool/nylon blend, although I've also knit a pair of socks out of pure alpaca that promptly felted into a solid, almost indestructible pad.

    1. Spring!!
      Yeah, thanks for the tip! I'll start hunting for that fiber blend--it's finally hitting me how important it is to invest in the right yarn for the right projects. :]

  3. What a lovely pair of socks!!

    Most of my socks are a 75%wool/25%nylon blend and i never had to repair them; they wear and wash just fine. But I don't wear them on a daily basis, only in winter/fall when it's really cold outside. I get sweaty feet when I wear them in warmer weather. If I were to buy more sock yarn (but I won't, because of The Resolutions), it would be a cotton blend for "lighter" socks. :)

    And have you considered knitting the heels and toes with reinforcement thread? Knitty has a great article on reinforcing socks too:

    1. Will do, on the 75%wool/25% nylon blend! I took a quick look around on ravelry and it looks like I have quite a few options for self striping sock yarns of that blend. Hopefully I'll find one locally that comes in solids too, so the boyfriend will wear them..aha
      I guess a good hard-wearing cotton blend would involve cotton/nylon or something similar. My cotton socks look like hell (I sort of wash my orange ones with my dark clothes..oops), but they feel indestructable. :D

      Thanks for the link! I will definitely try that reinforcement tip today with one of my acrylic blends!


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