treasury tuesday - birdwatching

Next to creating, I absolutely love sharing the beautiful things I see others make. Here are some picks from the nice stuff I've seen around Etsy and the rest of the internet.

The theme for today: Birds, anatomy, black, white, and gold.
Birdwatching was a favorite pastime when I was a child. I have a small collection of books filled with illustrations of all sorts of birds that you would find around North America. Even today, I have an affinity for the creatures and find inspiration in their anatomy for my sketches every day.
  1. Silk/Cotton Women scarf, Hand painted printed Wings and feathers  by Shovava
  2. Camera Strap dSLR / SLR - Seed Catalog by TheSweetStrap
  3. 4" Huge Raven Skull Belt Buckle White Bronze by Skeletos
  4. Leather Feather Necklace, Metallic Gold Feather Jewelry by LoveAtFirstBlush
  5. Latitude Longitude Sign by Threelittlebirds333
If you see something beautiful around that you know I'll like, don't hesitate to drop me a comment and let me know.


  1. Thanks for including us in your treasury, a really great selection of bird things- especially the gorgeous silk scarves!

    1. No problem, keep up the gorgeous work!


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