fo : first TAATS + garden TAATS wip

pattern : Two Toe-Up Socks on One Circular Needle by Kristin Bellehumeur
yarn : Schachenmayr Regia Pairfect in Stone needle : US 1 [2.25mm]
size : 10"

I did go a completely different direction than initially intended with this particular design of yarn, but I'm not gonna sweat it here. I adore the concept of these socks, considering my preferred way to sit. It should only mean that I'll get to experience the joy of picking up another one of these from A Major Knitwork to have a chance to use this yarn properly. Besides, my socks are siblings, not clones. It's perfectly alright if they have their own personalities, right?
I don't know why I thought the Two-At-A-Time Magic loop method was so scary. The name is impressive and intimidating sure--but so is knitting when you don't remember that the craft is just hair and sticks. Am I gonna let sheep hair and sticks get the best of me? I used Silver's Sock Class for the easy to follow tutorial, opting instead for a fingering weight yarn instead of her suggested worsted weight. Piece of cake.
I know I say this just about every time post an FO featuring a new-to-me technique, but it's always worth repeating:
Stay the course. Try it out. It's just yarn and sticks and will be fun anyway.
Now that I've got the newly minted skill of TAAT Magic Loop knitting down, I will never be forced to hear the loud clang of my needle on an auditorium floor, or feel crumbs stick to my sweaty hands as I fish under a car seat for that god damn lost needle. Life's better now.

wip : garden TAATS + teamlab

My garden TAAT socks are moving very slowly as usual! I cast on in May on our way to Silicon Valley, with the grand expectation of completion before our return to Los Angeles 4 days later. When there's a lot to see up there, sitting down long enough to knit a pair of socks is too tall an order to complete, no matter how long you're expecting to be in transit.
Lesson learned (and due to be re-learned).

Now, I'd be thrilled if these socks were finished in time for a brand new Socktober project. As of this moment, I'm past the heel turn and on the cuff, so with a good book and a heat pack for hand soreness, I just might make it.

Speaking of the quick trip to the bay area, here's a tiny sample of what all was photographed there. The experience at the Teamlab exhibit was absolutely magical.

See you next time, and let me know what your plans are for Soctober and NaKniSweMo.

places : solvang, santa barbara

Nick and I decided to celebrate our 6-month weekend by making a two-hour drive over to Solvang, CA. I took on navigating and shotgun-knitting responsibilties for the ride. An absolute burden, I know.

Coming along with me were my Two-at-a-time Toe-Ups on the magic loop bought while on my stop in Ashland, Oregon. (I regret not properly documenting that awesome little LYS adventure!) It's awesome to not have to worry about a tiny DPN falling right out of my project and falling into the crumb-filled crevice between the seats! Seriously people, if you are a victim of stopping mid-project to fish through crap for your lost DPNs, learn magic loop. It just might change your life.

I've only been to Solvang once in the last decade or so, but distinctly remembering getting to feed ostriches. So when I saw this big obnoxious OSTRICHLAND! sign, we had to stop to feed those god awfully ugly yet fascinating living dinosaurs. The feeding bowl + dust pan combination is a little high-tech for my tastes, but I did my best to grasp that we were living in an advanced age.

Anyway. Solvang! Big beautiful horses! Delicious food! Walking!

And, wait, did I just hear you say there were yarn shops here? Fuck all else, let's go there.
Village Spinning and Weaving would be number one of two that I knew of in Solvang. The moment I smelled that wool I knew I was home.
Despite the cosy space of this particular shop, there was quite a nice selection of yarns at Village Spinning and Weaving. I was most impressed by the gorgeously cushy skeins of local undyed alpaca offered by the shop itself. Next time I come around here it's in my plan to get at least a sweater quantity's worth of the stuff. Those colors are what I'm all about for garments.
Because of my recent interest in my very own Operation: Sock Drawer, I had only an interest this trip to acquire nice fingering weight stuff.

Wildfoote is a very new line to me, so I opted for a pair of skeins in each of these two lovely muted colors here. I promised Nick that I would make one of these into a pair of socks for him, but I haven't decided which color to reserve for myself (or, let's be honest, whether or not these both will just end up as selfish knits).

I also learned about the wealth of locally sourced alpaca available here. Here was a gorgeous palette of undyed sweater quantities just calling my name. Some even had the name of the animal sheared for the skein. These I will have to come back for when I make the room in my stash bin.

The next shop that I insisted we visit was Rasmussens, which on the first floor features gofts and toys, but offered fabrics and crafts supplies upstairs.
The modest space was put to good use--everywhere I turned there were gorgeous linens and colorful yarns, as well as many vintage pattern books and magazines.

I was dead-set on whatever sock yarns there were on offer, and came across a little basket right in the center of a glass display labelled SALE. I think two out of these three were discontinued. They're gonna make great additions to my future collection of self striping/scrap ankle socks.
After those two yarn-shops were checked off my list of must-see places, we just strolled around until we were tired. The day ended with lounging on a beach in Santa Barbara to watch the sun set.

places : old sacramento

On the way up to Washington this winter, we stopped one morning to stretch our legs in Old Sacramento.
26099780686_d9cf4594a9_o.jpg 25523080883_8149557579_o.jpg
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